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Water and sun are two of the elements that make Miami great. If you own a yacht, you were probably drawn to the ocean to experience both. However, these two forces of nature are also very damaging to your boat. When it starts to look worn, you need to bring your vessel back to its original glory.

1. Yacht paint job – Over time the finish of your yacht can become battered and dull. One of the best ways to restore its shine and sparkle is a fresh coat of paint. While you have it out of the water, you can clear the boat and clean up its hardware. Because you’ll be washing it and de-waxing the boat, you’ll remove all the contaminants and see any damage to the hull that might need repairs.

2. Boat detailing – the sun and salt water are very corrosive to all the parts of your boat. Instead of waiting to need full boat repair in Miami, you should have your boat detailed and deep cleaned regularly. This can include, cleaning, waxing, buffing, and more. Like a car wash, boat detailing is one thing you can do to maintain your yacht for the long haul.

3. Yacht retrofit – a yacht remodel can update your vessel to give it a more modern feel. Just like you might renovate your kitchen as your children grow up, you can improve your yacht by adding electronics or design updates to fit the way you want to live on the water. At Foster’s Yacht Services, we take care of it all, from design to completion, to give you the experience you desire.

4. Fiberglass repairs – Taking care of the fiberglass when it’s damaged keeps your watercraft at the ready. Get yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale when you see even small damages. Don’t wait for bad things to happen when you’re out on the water. Fiberglass repairs can be made in just a few days when the area is smaller, so it pays to take care of this issue quickly.

5. Carpentry services – Marine carpentry is much different than general carpentry on land. When your deck or flooring begins to wear, you need to have a specialty carpenter who understands wood on a boat. These type of boat repairs in Miami can easily give your vessel new life and make it feel warmer and more inviting. You might want to upgrade the cabinetry to add storage to your yacht. We can take care of all of these problems.

6. Prop Speed application – It’s easy to forget to take care of the underside of your yacht, simply because it is unseen. Prop Speed is an application that goes on the underside of your vessel to prevent marine growth. It should be applied annually to keep all types of marine life from attaching itself to your yacht.

We want to help you keep your yacht in good repair in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Contact us for boat repair and enjoy your yacht all season long.


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