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Yachts and boats have a long history around the world. Here are six strange things you may not know about them.

Camouflage Saved a Dutch Navy Vessel

During World War II, the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, a Jan van Amstel-class minesweeper, survived the war by appearing as a tropical island, covered in palm branches and leaves. It was the only ship of its class to survive the war. Extensive yacht and boat detailing in Fort Lauderdale can give you the look you want.

One of the Most Famous Pirates in China Is a Woman

During the 19th century, Ching Shih commanded more than 20,000 men and women in a fleet of pirates. She married into a family of pirates, but after her husband died, she moved into a place of leadership. She unified the fleet with a code of laws that governed all the pirates on her ships. Later, when the Chinese government offered amnesty to pirates in an attempt to make the waters safer, Ching Shih accepted and retired. She is one of the few pirates who retired, and she allegedly was able to keep her wealth.

Don’t Whistle on a Ship

Whistling is thought to conjure up strong winds when you’re on a boat. This is an old Royal Navy superstition. However, there is one person who can whistle on a boat. The chef is allowed to whistle as it’s an indication that he’s not eating all the food.

Retirement on a Cruise Ship

Strangely enough, not only was it proposed that a cruise ship make an alternative to a nursing home for elderly patients, in 2004, a study was proposed and carried out about the feasibility of retiring on a cruise ship. Researchers found that “cruises were priced similarly to assisted living centers and were more efficacious.” See the world and enjoy a better quality of life when you get older.

Quarantined Boats and Ships

The word quarantine comes from the Latin for 40. In the 1600s, a royal decree went out in England mandating that all London-bound ships, foreign and domestic, had to pause for 40 days at the mouth of the Thames River. The quarantine didn’t work, but quarantines continue to be implemented at major ports around the world in time of sickness.

Sailors Have Many More Superstitions

If you grew up around water, you’ve probably heard the old saying, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.” Although there’s probably some truth to the adage, there are some even stranger superstitions that many sailors still believe. Bananas on board are thought to bring bad luck on ships. Oddly enough, although women are considered bad luck, it’s considered good luck for a woman to give birth to a male child on board. Redheads are also thought to be bad luck.

Get Yacht and Boat Repair in Miami

Foster’s Yacht Services offers high quality yacht and boat repair in Miami for all types of boats and yachts. We get your boat ready for any type of trip, whether you’re out for a weekend cruise or on a pirating adventure. Call us for unique yacht and boat painting in Fort Lauderdale. We want to keep your boat in good repair.


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