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Our Foster’s Team Is A Closely-Knit Unit That Works Effectively Together In An Efficient Work Environment… And We Love What We Do.

  • Every team member is not just competent… they are experts in their field of labor. They are properly educated and trained, and willing to stand by their workmanship.
  • We have consistent quality assurance checks. This means that our workers have regular attention and supervision on each project.
  • We think sub-contract. You do not need to be concerned that we will entrust your yacht to anyone else.
  • The equipment and materials we use are appropriate for the services we provide.
  • Our timelines are precise. You do not want to wait for or even pay for anyone to come and stand around while your yacht is in our possession.
  • Our team works efficiently and purposefully to accomplish each phase of the project on time.
  • Repair work stays on time. If ever there are any unavoidable delays, we will contact you immediately, explain the reason for the delay and provide a clear update with a new timeline.
  • We provide updates about the progress, any changes in plans, necessary work orders, or adjustments to schedule on a regular basis.
  • Proposals and work plans are appropriate in scope, timeline, and budget.
  • Our personnel are trained and knowledgeable. They are fully prepared to accomplish the work properly and professionally in a manner that is up to our high standards.

Meet Our Team

Dennis Foster

Dennis Foster

President & CEO

Christopher Savage

Christopher Savage

Business Comptroller & CFO

Mark Quaranto

Mark Quaranto

Operations Manager

Foster’s Yacht Services Team

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Standard labor rate $85/hour