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Marine Interior Upgrades

Whatever Marine Interior Upgrades Your Mind Can Conceive – Whatever Style, Fashion, Lighting, Layout Design, or Appearance You Can Dream Up – Foster’s Yacht Service Can Make It Happen. 

We Provide Interior Yacht Upgrades That Are Meticulously Detailed, Hassle-Free, Affordable, And Absolutely Dedicated To Your Complete Satisfaction

We have the experience and ability to provide whatever marine interior upgrades you want on your yacht.

For marine interior upgrades to work, everything has to be carefully planned ahead of time. An upgrade in one area can affect the entire vessel – the lighting, audio, and other upgrades require ample power sources, and unless you make proper accommodations for these upgrades, you will end up having a negative impact on the entire yacht. We always follow the “measure twice, cut once” rule to ensure that we do the job right correctly the first time, and you don’t end up with expensive reworks and overhauls.

We Go Far Beyond Your Typical Contractor Basics With Our Comprehensive Expertise In Colors, Finishes and Other Aesthetics, Practical Use and Functionality—And We Work To Make Every Detail Exceed Your Expectations.  

Foster’s Can Upgrade Your Floor Plan:
Everyone has an ideal interior space in mind. Whether you want a dining area, or a place to relax, or a media room, or any other layout options, you can have a space that is custom fit for your needs. Add a kitchenette, shelves or storage, cozy office rooms or large open spaces.  You simply tell us your preference, and we will make it happen.

Foster’s Can Choose Your Finishes:
You will always be able to approve the layout, floors, and all other finish work.  With Foster’s Yacht Service you will get exactly what you want and ensure the level of quality that you desire.

With Foster’s, You’ve Got A Team Of Marine Craftsmen and Experts To Plan, Guide Material Selection, And Carry The Project Through From Start To Finish

This type of work takes a lot of pre-planning, drawing, scheduling, ordering of parts and custom crafting of materials, and preparation work. The finished product can truly be stunning. Many owners and captains have commented to us that the renovations and upgrades we did for them transformed the whole interior so completely that it looks like it is a new yacht, straight from the factory.

At Foster’s, we have far more than construction and upgrades experience. We have a team of outstanding technicians who’ve spent their lives working in the field of marine machinery, refinishing, fiber glass work, electronics, and more.

We guide you and provide you with our expertise during the pre-planning stage, materials and fabrics selection, and creation of the appropriate drawings.  We will manage all the measurements for any seating, bars or dining areas to be fabricated as well as planning out the wiring, power sources, material selection, and finishes for media and electronics upgrades.

Whether You Have A Few Upgrades Or You Want The Inside To Look Like It’s A Different Boat – Foster’s Yacht Service Can Make It Happen

After completion it always looks like a different boat, you won’t even recognize it, an interior retrofit could completely change the owners or prospective buyer’s opinion the minute they walk through the salon door.

Our system works just how it should: You tell us what you want, and get to select design, materials, and finishes… and WE lend the expertise, the ideas and capabilities on design, guidance on the best materials, and the know-how to ensure that the job gets done right, on time, and within budget.

We’ll plan out every last detail, and conduct constant, on-the-job site reviews as the job progresses, and we will keep you updated about the status of your project through your own private web page.

Bottom line; you’ll get the satisfaction that comes from having exactly what you want done with your interior upgrades, finished by a select team of expert technicians and builders.


Monte Carlo Interior

Monte Carlo Carpeting

Marine Interior Refinishing

The Craftsman At Foster’s Yacht Services’ Can Completely Customize The Interior Of Your Vessel… From Flooring To Doors, Windows To Dining and Kitchen Areas, You Can Rely On Our Team To Make Your Marine Interior Refinishing Or Renovation Exactly Right 

When it comes to riding in style and comfort, the interior of your yacht makes all the difference.  A yacht with a brand new interior and custom work can make your journey as comfortable as you would be in your own home.

Do Not Make the Mistake Of Choosing A Typical Carpenter For Your Interior Work.

Carpentry is VERY different from standard home interior work and carpentry – so always be sure that you’re hiring a carpenter with extensive marine experience. Carpentry requires carefully selected materials that will withstand the stresses and exposure of marine life.

Think of All the Salt Water and Marine Air That Your Yacht Encounters… Your Interior Won’t Last Unless Your Carpenter Knows What He’s Doing

From the right choice of materials to proper installation, interior upgrades require a level of understanding of the affects of marine air and attention to detail that most carpenters just don’t have…You have to be a first class Marine Carpenter.

Exposure to sea water brings a unique set of challenges, and as much as you would like to believe your yacht is weather tight…it isn’t. Moist salt laden air has a way of finding its way inside—and your interior will suffer the consequences. Your interior simply must be made of the right materials and done in the right way, or it can end up as an expensive, unmitigated disaster.

From Properly Treating Exotic Woods, To Coloring, Staining, Over-Coating, Build-Up Coats, And Final Coats—We Prepare Your Yacht To Endure The Stress Of Life On the Water—And Still Look Great

We patch and repair holes, fix seam lines and scratches, and handle all the coloring, staining, over coating, build up coats, and final coats.

All of these factors are very important, so it is vital that you must have a technician that has extensive training and background in this type of finish work. 

Special Concerns For Interior Woodwork

The interior woodwork of a yacht can get sunburned through the windows and blinds. This causes a discoloration of the wood that is difficult to fix once the damage is done. Additional exposure to the wet marine air can cause water stains or dry rot on the veneers.

An experienced carpenter will know what treatments to use in order to prepare your interior for this exposure. You can select your preferred finish – including flat, matt, satin, semi gloss, or high-gloss.  Some high-gloss finishes can be wet sanded and polished, as well as airbrushed or touched up.

The Environmental Conditions Of The Work Area Have An Impact On The Finished Product

Your craftsman should always consider the humidity, moisture, and weather temperatures when applying these coatings to the interior; too cold, too humid, or too hot, and the finish will not turn out properly. The ideal environment should be ventilated with cool air while spraying these chemicals.

Even The Smallest Details Matter – The Materials You Select, The Way They’re Used, And Additional Steps To Prevent Them From Exposure

Take for example the simple wood screw…use the wrong one and it could easily oxidize and fail. Do you want those gorgeous cabinets you spent your hard-earned money on falling off the wall? While it may cost a little more, a carpenter should use a screw coated with zinc. Of course, most installers don’t know that you should use a little oil on the screw before you screw it in so the zinc don’t scrape off. They also don’t know that they should counter sink the screw and then add some glue on top to keep them from backing out and sealing the screw against moisture intrusion.

Every project is different, but there is always a right and a wrong way to handle custom interior work. The best interior upgrades and renovations require a careful, step-by-step process to get things to turn out just right.

At Foster’s, we follow an eight step process to ensure your project is successful:

1 – Plan

This seems like an obvious first step, but you would be amazed by the number of technicians and professional craftsmen that are willing to start remodeling your interior without writing out a plan first.

2 – Design

A plan is just an idea unless it is drawn out.  If you want significant work done to your interior it is a good idea to get a marine architect to draw up a design for you.

3 – Material and Equipment Selection

Along with your plan and design you will need to make material selections.It is best to select those items now so that we can make sure to have them on hand when we are ready to start your project.

4 – Ordering Parts (If Appropriate)

We might have some of the material or items on hand, but others may require a special order.  We are knowledgeable in the options you have available, from electronics, flooring, woodwork, appliances, or other options, we can help you make selections based on your preferences.

5 – Scheduling

We will outline a daily plan specifying exactly what will be done so that you will know what we will do each day, from start to finish. Remember, for extensive interior upgrades and remodels we can provide a private website that will give you daily updates and news as your project progresses.  

6 – Custom Interior Work

Now that the preparations are complete, we put all that planning into action. We have your approved plan, the precise drawings, materials and parts, and the specific schedule that outlines the steps of your project from start to finish, and our craftsmen have the know-how to turn those plans into a reality.

7 – Finishing

Depending on the nature of your project, it may be necessary to perform some finishing work.  This is when we add the finishing touches that make your interior upgrades look perfect: we do the sanding painting, polishing, or any number of other work required before we ever think of calling the job done. 

8 – Walk Through and Inspection

We always put our work through a detailed and thorough inspection.   We will only sign off on a job when it passes our EXTREMELY demanding standards. 

Think about the interior of your yacht.  Do you wish it looked different? Do you wish it had some new amenities that would make your vessel more comfortable? Do you want to replace your current interior with a fresh new look and upgrades?

We can help you from start to finish – and we can make the interior of your yacht look so good, you friends will think that it came from the factory that way.

Whether you want to upgrade for your own comfort or you want to do some marine interior refinishing and upgrade the interior to entice a prospective buyer, Foster’s Yacht Services is Fort Lauderdale’s expert at marine interior refinishing and upgrades.  

Call Us at Foster’s Yacht Services and Share Your Project Ideas… From Start To Finish, We’ll Help You Get It Done.   

Interior Design

NEW BOAT CONSTRUCTION: Delivering projects meeting the highest European Millwork standards, we utilize AutoCAD systems to provide drawings to industry standards, which are highly detailed for the production of joiner work. Computer aided drafting saves time and money and ensures accuracy. This is accomplished by using the shipyard’s own footprints and section drawings, adding in the design and returning completed drawings to the shipyard. Services range from GA’s, Interior Styling, Elevations, Inboard Profiles, Electrical Overlays, Renderings and Computer aided Virtual Tours.

REFITS: Redesign your interior by moving bulkheads, replacing fixtures and cabinets to create more space and a brand new interior. By maintaining close communication, we are able to provide a high level of service on a timely basis. An excellent library of information is available at our studio.

DECORATING: Select from our fine line of fabrics and we will customize an interior for you.

MANUFACTURING: We manufacture all of our soft goods in-house.

We specialize in:

  • Quilted Bedspreads
  • Pillow Shams
  • Throw Pillows
  • Interior/Exterior Cushions
  • Window Treatments (Roman Shades, Draperies, etc.)
  • Valances and Lambrequins
  • Custom Fitted Sheets
  • Upholstery – Fabric or Leather
  • Custom Mattresses – Foam, Latex & Memory (Marine, Residential or Commercial)
  • Repairs
  • Everything is custom and to your liking!

Average price, extraordinary work call today!

Standard labor rate $85/hour