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Your Paint and Polish Will Determine The Appearance of Your Yacht For Years To Come. Don’t Get Fooled Into Trusting the Wrong Guy With The Job!

With the exception of the size and design of your yacht, your paint and polish are the most noticeable feature.  However, not all paint and polish work is the same; in fact, this is an area that is notorious for shortcuts and tricks that cheapen your finish, all in the name of getting things done faster and cheaper.  We refuse to do a job wrong just to try to make a quick buck! 

Of course, some problems are not immediately obvious: if the painting is uneven, or if the fairing wasn’t done right, or the polish was done by a technician that didn’t care about the quality of his work, then you might notice right away.

However, there are many problems that you won’t be able to detect. If the paint was thinned too much (a common cost-cutting trick) you probably won’t be able to tell until the finish starts quickly breaking down, in only a year or less.

No Paint or Polish Is Finished Until It Passes Dennis Foster’s “Read My Wrist Watch” Test!

Years ago Dennis Foster found a way to tell when a paint job was truly polished: It couldn’t just be that he could see his reflection because you can see your reflection even when the paint isn’t perfect. One day he looked at his watch in the reflection and found that where the paint was perfect, he could actually read what time it was in the reflection. It takes a commitment to excellence to get the shine that bright and clear, but the crew at Foster’s Yacht Services knows that it’s required before any job is considered complete. Before you ever see the finished product, we will have finished the paint to a perfect, glossy shine.

Here Are Some of the Key Factors We Consider When We Perform One of Our Signature Foster’s Boat Painting:

  • Determine a schedule, and plan each step with the appropriate time to allow the paint to dry – including first and second coats
  • Properly clean and prepare the surface prior to painting
  • Wipe down all surfaces to be painted and make sure there is no dust or contamination, fingerprints or drag marks
  • Build a proper tent with ventilation and lights
  • Gauge the surface temperature and the outside humidity
  • Properly mix the paint according to the directions or the manufacturer, taking all temperature and environmental conditions into consideration
  • Spray two coats over the entire surface, waiting in between coats the allotted time as per the temperature and paint specifications
  • Begin spraying in the late morning or early afternoon to avoid any dew settling on the surface
  • Beware of air conditioning! As the paint dries, we NEVER leave the air-conditioning on overnight.  Leaving the newly painted yacht in an air-conditioned room can potentially freeze the surface and cause the paint to become too cold and literally flatten the paint finish out overnight

Never leave your yacht behind without being certain that you are placing your boat in the hands of someone you trust to follow these steps, without exception or variation.

You Can Trust Foster’s Yacht Services To Give You An Exceptional Boat Painting & Polish

Trust us to deliver a boat painting that’s not just drop-dead gorgeous, but also perfectly done. It’s the only way we know how and we don’t tolerate anything less.

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