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Interior Color Matching & Finishing

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Interior Color Matching & Finishing

Foster’s Yacht Services are the # 1 Yacht Painting Company in the Marine Industry with the best team of Spray and Brush Painters. No job is too big or too small, from preparing and painting the entire vessel or small areas of the vessel.

Our finishing team has positively proven over and over in understanding the importance of the specification sheet for all paint products including AwlGrip, Imron, Pettit, Alexseal, in mixing and application.

We have a customer who while docking their boats have dinged, scratch or damage section of the hull or super structure. In instances like these it is not feasible to paint the entire boat, but to repair the damaged areas. We at Foster’s Yacht Services are specialist in repairs and blending these damaged areas to look like it was new.

Repair and Painting of damaged areas.

First, mask off the damaged areas to prevent overspray to other areas. Remove by machine sanding any loose filler, gelcoat or paint, sand back the edges of damaged areas. Apply fairing, sand, prep and body work these areas. Apply 2 coats of High build epoxy primer, sand and apply 2 coats of finish primer. Sand and prep finish primer ready for painting. Apply 2 coats of color match finish paint, buff and blend paint repair to match the existing areas.

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