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When it comes to yearly maintenance on your vessel, Make sure one of those tasks are Prop Speed Application

Do your props, shafts and underwater metal surfaces have lots of marine growth?
Well don’t be alarmed, this is natural and can easily be treated every year with


Foster’s Yacht Services has a team of applicators that have been trained for years with the staff of Prop Speed as well as training courses, which has made our prop speed application the best in the industry. When it comes to your boat having the prop speed applied properly, as well as being prepped, you can rely on our team here at Foster’s.

The Difference Between A Perfectly Applied Prop Speed Vs Substandard Workmanship 

Don’t let substandard companies mis-prep your props and shafts. If the product is applied improperly the product will fail, therefore resulting in re-application needed as the marine growth will begin to appear at a high rate once the product has failed. We have been applied this products to hundreds of vessels over the 30 years we have been in business. When you want to get it done right the first time, no mistake. Call Foster’s Yacht Services today for scheduling your haul out and prop speed application.

Reoccuring Yearly Maintenance Plans for Prop Speed Application

To achieve the least amount of marine growth it is recommended that the product be re-applied one year to date. We here at Foster’s believe that customers that bring their yacht back every year to us will be provided a discount.

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