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When it comes to yachting, Florida is one of the world’s premier destinations. The state is surrounded by water on 3 of its 4 sides, so it has plenty of spots for you to stop. But, what makes yachting in Florida so great? It comes down to its perfect weather, the culture that each city offers, and so much more.

The Weather is Perfect

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy some warm weather while your hometown is cold or you want to enjoy the tropical weather of Florida, yachting is the way to do it. Florida offers a hot, tropical climate and once you get by the ocean, there is almost zero humidity. Plus, if it gets too hot, you can always jump into the ocean for a swim.

There are Boat Shows Galore

During the summer months, various ports around Florida hold International Boat Shows. Some of the hosts of these boat shows include Miami, Tampa Bay, and the “Yachting Capitol of the World,” Fort Lauderdale. With plenty of sparkling waters and port cities to choose from, there are a number of boat shows across the state every season. Check out the boat shows to see all the latest in jet and ski boats, luxury yachts, and more.

The Ocean Stays Sparkling and the Beaches Stay Clean

The cleanest lakes in the country cannot compare to the white beaches and sparkling waters that surround the Sunshine State. You can look at the gorgeous coastline from your yacht or even lay out on the white sand beaches when your yacht makes a stop. Too hot? Take a dip in the crystal clear waters or scuba dive to check out what lies beneath the water.

There is Plenty of Exploring to Do

Florida has tons of opportunities for exploring. Take some time to explore the marshland of the Everglades or climb some of the mountains that stretch across Florida’s coastline. If it gets too hot for this type of exploring, Florida is also a prime location for scuba diving. There is tons of coral reef, underwater life, and even shipwrecks that you can explore.

Every City Has Its Own Culture

One of the great things about yachting around Florida is that every city has its own culture and it just gets better every year. Some areas are known for their high-quality cuisine while others give you a chance to explore Florida’s nightlife. You will also find a number of yachting destinations that are filled with historical landmarks like art galleries and museums.

You Can Jet On Over to the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are each their own little community. You can easily take your yacht from island to island and see what each has to offer. Some are known for their historical or cultural significance, while others are known for their crystal clear beaches and incredible hiking opportunities. The Caribbean is not far from Florida, so it should definitely be on your list of stop to make on your yacht.

So, Why Does Yachting in Florida Keep Getting Better?

Regardless of where you choose to dock your yacht and explore, Florida just promotes fun and relaxation. You can lounge in the sun on the beach or from the sundeck of your yacht and take a dip in the crystal clear waters whenever you get too hot. The wildlife of Florida is also not going anywhere, as the laws in the state protect the natural environment. Finally, there is always something to do in the coastal towns and the attraction just grow in number over the years. Don’t miss out- book your Florida cruise today.


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