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Exhausts Fabrication & Repairs

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Exhausts Fabrication & Repairs

Our technicians specialize in yacht fiberglass repairs. Applying the latest techniques with the highest quality-materials for your project.

Fiberglass is a strong material made from a reinforced plastics with finer pieces of glass. While being lightweight, its offers strength and resistance and thus is used for a variety of purposes including marine FRP exhaust systems.

Every fiberglass repair/fabrication job at Foster’s Yacht Services is unique. Three key elements are paramount to achieving satisfactory repairs/fabrication. First, the extent of the damage/fabrication must be established, Second, a plan specific to the job at hand should be developed. Third, the repair/fabrication itself must be completed by trained personnel with care and diligence.

FRP exhaust fabrication, the of use resins that are Class 1 fire retardant isophthalic polyester resins.

Resin rich lay-ups are best with thickness ranging from ¼” to ½” in all joints building up with glass-strand mat with a layer of stitched fabric in-between. We finish with iso-gel coat and surfacing agent when applicable / or paint to achieve a finish as per original.  in all cases our work is always vastly stouter than “factory supplied” FRP parts, and we always put a 2″ – 4″ long tube doubler inside all tubes where the hose clamps go. This eliminates the tube crushing that factory pipes/ muffler spigots seem to be very susceptible to.

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