Gelcoat Matching / Repairs
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Precision Gelcoat Matching & Repairs

Color-matching gelcoat is a formidable task requiring technical precision. Foster’s Yacht Services boasts years of invaluable experience in this art. Achieving an impeccable color match is essential for an aesthetically pleasing fiberglass boat touch-up. Subtle variations in color, differing by just a shade or two, may escape notice on a large boat surface. However, to attain this level of precision, multiple factors come into play:
  1. Application Timing: The time of day during gelcoat application can influence its appearance.
  2. Temperature: Application temperature impacts the final gelcoat color.
  3. Gelcoat Batch Variability: Gelcoat batches exhibit slight pigmentation differences, contributing to color variance.
  4. Age of the Boat: As boats age, even factory-sourced gelcoat can fade, posing a color-matching challenge.

Mastering the Art of Gelcoat Color Matching

Surface Preparation: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to ensure an accurate color match to the true shade.

Optimal Lighting: Adequate lighting conditions, particularly natural light, are essential for precise color mixing.

Color Mixing: Start with a base colored gelcoat (e.g., white) and gradually introduce the desired pigment (e.g., dark blue) until reaching the closest color approximation. Periodically apply small samples to assess progress.

Verification: Mix a small batch with catalyst and apply it to the edge of a scrap piece of whiteboard or paper to confirm the color match.

Application: Apply the mixed gelcoat to the repair area, slightly raising it above the surrounding surface to allow for sanding.

Curing Process: Spray the gelcoat with a PVA curing agent and peel off the PVA when cured. Wet Sanding: Employ 320-grit wet/dry paper on a soft sanding block, focusing on the immediate repair area. Progress to 600-grit paper to achieve near-evenness with the surrounding gelcoat.

Finishing Touch: Conclude the wet-sanding process with 1,000-grit paper, followed by buffing with rubbing compound and sealing with a coat of wax.

Understanding Gelcoat and Its Challenges

Gelcoat is a resin infused with a high pigment concentration, providing color to the boat's surface. While it offers exceptional durability, gelcoat can suffer damage over time due to aging, wear, tear, and docking accidents.

Entrust Your Gelcoat Color Matching to the Experts

Foster's Yacht Services stands ready to expertly manage the nuances of gelcoat color matching, ensuring an impeccable result that seamlessly blends with your boat's surface. Rely on our meticulous approach to preserve the pristine appearance of your vessel.


Based on 20 reviews
Phillip Pyatt
These guys do very good work. They repaired some fiber glass and an anchor plate along with adding a coat of paint to the hull.
Yacht Pro USA
We have used Fosters for years and its definitely the best company out there for fiberglass, paint and refits. Dennis is always professional and we highly recommend them for any needs in our yacht industry.
John Marshall
Fosters Yacht Service is my preferred company to use for yard maintenance while in Ft. Lauderdale. Dennis, Erick, and Mark know the industry and how to get things done. Fosters keeps to their word and deadline. Highly recommended.
Evan Davis
We started with Foster’s to repair some structural hull issues. They exceeded expectations with the repairs. We also had them do multiple repairs throughout the vessel from exterior paint to interior carpentry. The fit and finish have been amazing.
scott adams
As a marine industy professional it has been my direct experience to have this Group (Foster's Y/S) care for and upgrade my families Hardin 45 ketch. Everyone at Foster is a team member at Your disposal if required. We have found that Foster's high quality work in conjunction with Great customer service are the foundations found here. "Trade Winds" will be back next year for some further upgrades. Thank You for helping us sail away...
Russell Gross
Dennis Foster and his shop are amazing. My boat had extensive fiberglass damage which was made worse by another repair shop. Dennis came to the rescue. Boat came back brand new and faster than promised. If you need any fiberglass work done, don’t go anywhere else! Thank you Dennis and team!
David Torchin
I brought my 2018 Formula to Dennis Foster to make my arch collapsible and make the boat able to sneak under low bridges by my house. Dennis and his team way exceeded my expectations!!! With the press of a button, my bridge clearance is now just over 6'. His work is flawless, and his team is friendly and professional. Thank you Dennis and team for the amazing results!!

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