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At Foster’s, you can talk to the project manager of your yacht repair at any time. You can check for the latest updated information on your project at any time online through your personal website we create specifically for your yacht. We keep you informed by posting photos of your progress, any changes in plans or necessary work orders, and adjustments to your schedule on a regular basis.

Do NOT Settle For a “Jack of All Trades, Expert Of None” Approach

Some places do not have competent staff or the experience to complete the types of work needed. They won’t tell you, “By the way, we use the same crews to paint and polish, do carpentry, fiberglass repair – everyone does everything.” Anyone that has an “Everyone does everything” kind of service should be a red flag! Be careful not to leave your yacht with a service that does not have qualified experts working in their particular area of expertise. Check to be certain that they actually have experienced carpenters working on carpentry, fiberglass technicians focused on fiberglass repair work, painters, electricians, and mechanics—otherwise, you risk getting second-rate results.

At Foster’s, we have fiberglass experts working on fiberglass repair and associated work. Our painters are absolute experts in their field. Likewise, our carpenters have elite knowledge and expertise with their craft. In short, when it comes to providing exceptional results, We DELIVER.

Working On Yachts Is All About The Details

At Foster’s Yacht Services, we are obsessed with them. Why? Because we would rather do things right the first time than make a quick buck on a shabby job, and have to redo it.

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Standard labor rate $85/hour