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ABYC Electrical Repairs

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ABYC Electrical Repairs

Marine Electronics & Systems Require the Best, Not the Cheapest

Next to your luxury yacht itself, the next most expensive items on board are most likely your electronics.

The last thing you need at sea is a short or surge that knocks out all of your electronics or worse yet, an onboard fire due to faulty wiring.

We know good electrical work and wiring when we see it. We know what’s necessary to stand up to the harsh weather conditions and stresses that your vessel will face.  We also know that there is some work being done in the name of electronics that falls far short of expectations, and is placing yacht owners to unnecessary risks.

When it comes to marine electronics or electrical you cannot afford to go with the “cheapest,” you need to go with the products and electrical work that you can rely on.

Marine Electrical Work Is A Specialized Field That Few Have Mastered

Marine electrical is a highly specialized field. Just because someone can wire a house does not mean they are capable of wiring a boat, let alone a luxury yacht. Consider the following: marine electrical systems and wiring are considerably more complex than a simple home A/C system. For example, in a marine system you need a D/C ground return as well as the A/C ground, then you will need a lightning ground and an RF ground for your communication systems. How many people have the knowledge and the skills to make sure that is done right? Since you’re on our website, you now know of one: Foster’s Yacht Services.

Even Electricians With Good Intentions Can Cause A World Of Problems For You

There are lots of ways electricians use a “work-around” solution for an electrical project that you won’t ever notice until it’s too late. For example, we see a lot of them, to save time and money, will simply make a ground connection to a metal thru-hull, some other type of metal to water contact, or sometimes even to the propeller shaft. The problem with this so-called solution is that it only works in the short term, giving you a false sense of security. The fact of the matter is that, over time, these “seawater” grounds give rise to some very serious corrosion issues due to electrolytic properties.

The Foster’s Difference for Marine Electronics & Electrical

With Foster’s, we would recommend an isolation transformer as the best solution or in the alternative and at the very least a galvanic isolator and a ground fault interrupter. As a side note, the galvanic isolator should have no less than a 135% continues current rating based on the total rating of your dockside circuit box. Ask the other guys if they knew that.

Trust Your Electrical and Electronics Work To The Foster’s Team

We have the team, the tools, and the knowledge to make sure that your marine electrical system is done right, and that it is done right the first time. Nothing is more expensive than having to do a job over, especially when you have to fix someone else’s mistakes. Do not trust your marine electrical system and all of your electronic systems to anyone other than Foster’s. The results could be– dare we say it… “shocking.”

(Sorry, we just could not resist that one).

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