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Anti Fouling Bottom Paint

Anti-Fouling Paints (Bottom Paint)

Anti-fouuling paint prevents marine organisms such as barnacles and zebra mussels, weeds, slime and algae from attaching themselves to the hull. Most antifouling paints use the dissipation of metal as a toxic biocide (on the hull’s surface and adjacent to the hull in the water) to prevent these bothersome critters from adhering.

Antifouling paint choices tend to be regional, with boaters in the Great Lakes, Pacific Coast, Southeast, Gulf Coast and other areas.

Boats that are used frequently, a copolymer ablative paint might be for you. These paints offer several advantages over hard modified epoxy paints. First, they release their biocide at a constantly controlled rate as they wear away or “ablate”, much like a bar of soap. This feature reduces paint build-up and the need for sanding at haul outs. The second advantage is that in general, unlike hard modified epoxy paints, copolymer-ablative paints do not lose their antifouling ability when exposed to air. Another advantage of copolymer ablative paints is that although they are loaded with less copper compared to modified epoxy paints, controlled polishing enables them to use their copper content more efficiently.

Copolymer paints, such as West Marine PCA Gold, Interlux Micron CSC and Micron Extra, offer true multi-season protection, lasting as long as there is a reasonable coating thickness. Because they expose new biocide until the coating is worn completely away, additional coats add to their longevity. Pettit Hydrocoat offers the added benefit of being a water-based product with no solvents, an environmental plus, so there are fewer fumes to protect yourself from and easier clean-up using only water.

Good preparation and priming are the basis for any paint job and antifouling paints are no different. Solid prep ensures good adhesion and better performance over time.

Completing each of the key steps for painting your boat’s bottom is easy with the right knowledge base and experience technicians.

Here at Foster’s Yacht Services we are the leader in Both.

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