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Boat Fairing

Want People To Think, “Now, That’s A Gorgeous Yacht”?

When It Comes To Your Yacht’s Appearance, Proper Fairing Makes All The Difference 

No matter what kind of engine, electronics, and custom work you have on the interior of your boat, you can’t escape the fact that people will judge your yacht based on that final fraction of an inch, the exterior finish. However, that exterior finish is not all about appearance; the exterior has a tremendous impact on the efficiency or drag of your yacht.

The Difference Between A Perfectly Smooth Finish Or An Exterior That’s Marked With Bumps, Hollows, and Pock Marks Is The Artistic Ability and Experience of The Craftsman Doing The Boat Fairing

Boat Fairing and finishing are the final steps we perform on an exterior prior to returning a yacht to the water. It is a shame when you see what should be a great vessel messed up by bumps and uneven areas that distort the reflection. Before your yacht is finished, it needs to be faired properly… and if your boat’s appearance is flawed, you need an experienced technician to solve the problem.

Elite Craftsman Take Pride In The Appearance Of Your Yacht – Like A Work Of Art 

To achieve a perfect finish, the exterior lines must be true and “fair” – meaning, they have to be perfectly smooth with no discernible irregularities, hollows, or marks of any kind. If the lines are not smooth, the finish will not be fair. This work requires such precision that fairing is regarded as an exhibit of the skill of the artist performing the work, and experienced craftsmen regard it as a kind of signature.

Foster’s Is Renowned For Our Fairing Work

We earned our reputation for exceptional work by setting up a process that will yield the best results, and following that process with exactness. The process must be followed for jobs large and small; whether it’s just spot fairing, a specific section of the exterior, or a larger area, you must take certain factors into consideration or it will not produce the result you want.

Variables that can impact the approach you use include: 

  • The substrate temperature
  • The outside temperature
  • The outside humidity
  • The appropriate mixing ratios (may require adjustment based on the other factors)

If you do not properly adjust for these variables or misjudge them, you can have a drastically inferior finished product.

Once we determine the impact of these variables and make the appropriate adjustments, we apply the fairing by using the trial for most areas.  If the area is smaller, we may employ a squeegee tool. For larger areas (often called a batten) we may use a long piece of straight aluminum or fiberglass that works to spread the faring on the curves of the hull evenly.

The boat fairing then requires time to cure. We will usually leave the epoxy fairing to cure overnight (though this might vary based on the kind of converter is being used).

Our technician will then use a longboard with 36 grit or 40 grit sandpaper to follow the curvatures of the hull and longboard, following the area down going on an angle of 45 degrees, as well as moving the sandpaper from side to side. This needs to be done to the entire area until it is perfectly smooth. During this process, the technician may find areas that require spot filling to take care of any large or medium-sized pinholes before finally applying your high build epoxy primer.

An experienced marine craftsman takes pride in the appearance of a finished boat; he knows how to carefully and painstakingly inspect the exterior to detect and smooth out any area that needs attention. 

Fairing Requires Attention To Detail And Exactness. At Foster’s Yacht Services, We Refuse To Settle For Anything Else! 

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