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Buffing & Polishing

Neglecting your boat polishing needs for years would make the surface fade and dull, giving it a worn-out Chalky look. In such a case, reviving the boat’s glossy finish and creating a factory-like appearance becomes a necessity. Using a compound, wax, or boat polish with UV protection will ensure that your boat doesn’t succumb to sun damage, Oxidation or Chalky appearance.

You might think that your boat doesn’t need to be Compound, wax, and polish. It will just be in the water, so it constantly has to be clean, right? Of course not. There are plenty of opportunities for your boat to add grime over time. And what many owners forget is the sun beating down on the boat. Using a compound, wax, or boat polish with UV protection will ensure that your boat doesn’t succumb to sun damage, Oxidation or Chalky appearance. This won’t only preserve the value of the boat, but ensure that it’s pretty to look at for years to come.


The outer surface of a fiberglass boat is normally made up of special resin called gel coat. It protects the hull and gives it its color and shine. Time and exposure to the sun and marine water eventually eroded its relatively soft surface, leaving it dull and chalky. In addition, as this gel coat ages, it loses oils and dries out completely, giving your boat a worn out and weather-beaten look. Polishing and Waxing replenishes these oils to enhance its gloss. It also helps to restore the original luster of the paint.

On the other hand, paint applied to the boat’s exterior contains emollients and oils that make it shine. It can also dry out early if left exposed to the sun and water or if unprotected by wax. Polishing and waxing the boat’s exposed surfaces both remove this dead paint and restore the emollients to their original look and extends their life.


Start by washing the Boat’s Paint/Gelcoat surfaces with a heavy-duty cleaner to remove debris, stains, dirt and oil. For tougher stains, uses On & Off Hull & Bottom Cleaner.

Start by applying the compound to the surface, Compound is generally a mineral-spirits based liquid or paste with fine abrasive particles suspended in it. When you “rub” in a rubbing compound (or polish it in with a machine), it slowly removes all of that oxidation from the surface.

 Work the compound in with the buffing machine at slow speed, and in short bursts, to avoid overheating the pad. Work back and forth in a small area until you feel as if you’ve given equal treatment to the entire surface. As the compound dries, you can wipe it off with rags as you go along, repeating the compounding until you feel as if you have all of the oxidation removed. 

After the oxidation is removed, polish the surface to a glossy shine.   The polish material contains abrasives like the rubbing compound does, but they’re much finer, which will remove any swirl marks left behind by compounding, and bring the shine level way up.

Apply wax in thin coats. Apply at least two coats to last a season. Use a clean rag or foam applicator to apply a thin glaze of wax to the surface, and then wipe it off once it has dried. At this point, you should have a glossy, durable shine that will make you the envy of any waterways. To keep it up over the years, apply a couple of coats of good-quality wax once or twice a season to keep that new-boat shine

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