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We are the leading choice in Yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For the highest quality work at affordable prices, we're happy to help.

When You Need Fiberglass Design & Construction That’s Done PRECISELY The Right Way – By Someone With The Knowledge And Experience To Do It The Right Way, Step By Step, Without Shortcuts… There Is Only One Place To Go In Fort Lauderdale: Foster’s Yacht Services

When you need fiberglass design & construction done it is critical that you make an informed decision.  When fiberglass work is done properly, it will stand the test of time. However, if the technician has not been properly trained or does not follow the proper steps and protocols (and bad fiberglass work is extremely common) you end up paying a high price.

Imagine cruising the open ocean in your luxury yacht with friends and family onboard. It is an exhilarating experience. The yacht effortlessly cutting the waves, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face; but in an instant, there is a gut-wrenching snap. The yacht begins to handle sluggishly and someone yells out from below; “we’re taking on water!”

As you rush below and investigate, you come to realize that the fiberglass hull repair that you paid good, hard-earned money for has failed. The surface tension of the water coupled with the weight and speed of the boat was just too much, and the repair cracked under the pressure.

This Is Not Make Belief. We Have Seen This Kind Of Disaster All Too Many Times.

There are all kinds of shortcuts that a technician can take to drive down the cost of fiberglass work.  If you compare our services against someone who’s willing to cut corners and jip you out of a proper job without considering what you’re getting for your money, you’re going to make a bad decision… and it will catch up with you.

If you trust your fiberglass design & construction to the “cheapest guy” you can end up paying for a repair twice. Do you really want to risk being out in the open ocean and taking on water? Can you afford to take that risk?

In today’s day and age, fiberglass materials are almost the norm in high-end luxury boating. What is not the norm is high-quality craftsman that understand the intricacies involved with fiberglass. Fiberglass design and construction are more of an art form than it is a science and it takes years of dedication to achieve a level of craftsmanship that when applied achieves both form and function. At Foster’s, our team of master craftsman has years of experience guaranteeing that you will get exactly what you demand: precision.

We readily admit that we are not the cheapest, but we are absolutely certain that we are the best. And what’s amazing is that our prices are still extremely competitive. We just refuse to follow the tricks and gimmicks that others use to artificially drive down the price and compromise your yacht. After all, when it comes to fiberglass design, construction, and repair,  do you really want to rely on the cheapest guy, or do you want to rely on the best?

Whether it is a completely new fabrication, a new construction part, a hull repair, or a simple installation of a custom made tabletop, no job is too small and no job is too trivial. Every job gets Foster’s touch.

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