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Marine Carpentry

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You Can Search All Over Florida And Never Find Carpenters With The Expertise, Eye For Detail, And Demanding Standards Necessary To Create Just The Right Thing For Your Yacht

Not All Carpenters Are the Same 

Despite what many people think, marine carpentry is far more difficult and detailed than standard carpentry… and therein lies the problem. Too many people claim to be “professional” carpenters and claim that they can get the job done; but just as many of them fail. The fact is that they very well could be skilled carpenters, but you don’t just need a skilled carpenter. You need someone with expertise at working on crafts like yours. Marine carpentry is a highly specialized field of craftsmanship that takes years to master.

Why Foster’s is The Only Choice For Your Marine Carpentry Needs

Becoming a master marine carpenter is no easy task and takes years of effort and dedication. It is not a job that someone can just “walk” into.   Foster’s has arguably the best master marine carpenters in Fort Lauderdale–or anywhere else for that matter.  Our expertise in custom carpentry is one of the reasons we are known for the absolute best at what we do.

Just as an example, many so-called carpenters will undercut and underbid our prices by using inferior products. One of the ways in which they do that is by using plywood versus marine grade plywood. While this does invariably lower their cost, it puts you, the owner of an otherwise beautiful craft, on the receiving end of a bad deal and a multitude of unforeseen consequences that invariably will cost you money to fix.

Any master marine carpenter will tell you that you have to use marine grade materials in order to stand up to the constant strains of your yacht. Common plywood does not and cannot meet the standards required of a marine vessel.  The stresses on a yacht place unique demands on the materials a carpenter uses. Marine grade plywood has a higher standard, including the minimum number of voids between layers, the type, and grade of adhesive used to hold the layers together, and the density and porosity of the wood used. All of these make a world of difference in marine applications.

What You Can Expect from Foster’s

Do you really want to rely on someone that claims to be a carpenter but does not even know the difference between marine and regular plywood?  Or, worse yet, knows the difference, but uses the wrong material anyway?

Rest assured, Foster’s will deliver exactly what you ask for using nothing less than quality materials and delivering nothing less than master craftsmanship; that is the “Foster’s Touch.”

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