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Marine Engine Removal and Repair

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Marine Engine Removal and Repair

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Poor Maintenance leads to Costly Repairs

Everyone loves owning a boat, but everyone hates the maintenance especially when it comes to engine removal and repair. The fact, however, remains that the failure to perform maintenance, and the failure to do it right, will inevitably lead to costly repairs.

When it comes to luxury boating, you can just not afford to risk hiring someone to do your maintenance or repairs that is not fully qualified. Poor maintenance and repairs are like setting off the first domino in a chain: one will lead to another and to another and so on. Before you know it, your yacht is not seaworthy and is landlocked for costly repairs.

The problem is that just about anyone can get a business license, hang their sign, and say they are a marine maintenance and repair facility; but, how many of them have the years of experience, the facilities, the specialized tools, and the knowledge to do it right? How many of them will stand behind their work with a “Master Warranty”?

Maintenance by the Numbers

Did you know that the average “gas” marine engine will operate for approximately 1,500 hours before a major overhaul is required whereas a “diesel” marine engine will last about an average of 5,000 hours given the same operating conditions? However, the total number of hours you get out of your engine will be completely dependent on the level of maintenance you provide. Here are just a few tips to help get the most out of your yacht:

  • Engines are built to run; short running times increase the need for maintenance and will drastically reduce the times before major repairs are needed. When possible, plan your voyage so that you don’t require a lot of stops and starts.
  • Make sure that your engine has proper ventilation. Most Naval architects and experts, like ourselves, will tell you that the recommended engine compartment ventilation system should provide cool, dry air at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and that your minimum ventilation requirements, without forced draft blowers, is calculated by dividing your engines total horsepower by the number 3.3.

Engine compartment forced draft blowers should never be set to blow, they should always be set to exhaust and should always be run for no less than five minutes before you start your engine. Be careful about what other guys tell you is the cause of that black, blue or white smoke coming out of your exhaust.

The Foster’s Difference

Occasionally we hear about people offering bottom-of-the-barrel maintenance.  We are familiar with the places that offer those “specials” and we simply do not recommend their work.  We ALREADY offer incredibly low prices for our maintenance work and marine engine removal. We know that if someone comes to us for maintenance, chances are they will come to us for other work as well, and that’s what we hope for: we want you to trust us with your yacht for life.

Look, we are not saying that we are the cheapest, what we are saying is that we are the best. Given the complexities of luxury marine boating, do you really want to trust the lowest bidder? Are you tired of not knowing when the maintenance or repairs will be completed? Do you really want to risk a catastrophic engine or systems failure due to poor maintenance or repair while you are out at sea?

We Don’t Just Maintain… If You’re Interested, We’ll Train, Too – And That Will Help You Avoid All Kinds of Problems In the Future

We are the experts, period. The amount of free advice and training that we provide when performing maintenance and repairs for our clients is indispensable and helps assure you of hundreds of hours of pleasurable boating experience. No job is too small, no job is too trivial; every job is treated exactly the same, with precision. With pre-determined timelines that you will know beforehand, to daily updates including pictures and reports, no one does it like Foster’s. Just read our customer’s reviews and you will see exactly what we mean.

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