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Foster’s Yacht Services is the leader in Metallic Paints Blends. Metallic Paint is a two-part process, application of Base coat and Clear coat. There are various types of exterior paint that are available and how they are used. Achieving the perfect paint finish usually involves several different types of paint or finish to ensure proper bonding of the paint to the surface and to create a glossy shine that is attractive

Our finishing team has positively proven over and over in understanding the importance of the specification sheet for all metallic paint products in mixing and application. One of the most important techniques used to get a paint job done properly is correct mixing of the paint

Prep, Sand and prime the surface and make it ready for painting. Primer is designed to help paint better adhere to the surface by creating a binding layer that can bond to paint easier and more consistently than bare Fiberglass or metal. Primer also helps to keep moisture away from the bare fiberglass and metal surface which can cause oxidation and rust.

Base Coat Paints (Metallic) Base coat is the actual colored paint. It does not usually contain any strengtheners or hardeners and is not glossy. Base coats are always need to be used with some sort of clear coat or urethane base coat in order to stay protected from the elements and to shine. Because using two coats (a base coat and a clear coat) usually creates a better shine and offers more protection to the surface.

Clear Coat Finishes Clear coat paint, or a clear coat finish as it is commonly referred to, is actually just paint that does not contain any pigment or color. In most cases, clear coat paints use specialized chemicals that allow easy adherence to the painted surface. These types of paints usually also include UV inhibitors that help to prevent ultraviolet sun rays produced by the sun from fading the color. Many times, these types of paints are made from urethane or polyurethane which also helps to give the surface a” high-gloss or shine.

Clean the Surface

After the primer has been applied, the surface has to be sanded and prep. To remove dust and particles on the surface.  

Applying the Paint

The base coat and clear coats is applied in thin coats and left to dry after each coat is sprayed on. After spraying the paint repair is buffed and blended  to look as original. It’s important to follow these principles of painting in order to get a professional look and finish.

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